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Merry Christmas!
Dec 16, 11 7:03 AM
Jonah's Fresh Signature Images
Oct 24, 11 10:19 PM
BOSS Star Fleet Recruiting!
Oct 23, 11 5:28 PM
Oct 18, 11 7:16 AM
Remind people in game to join the site
Oct 18, 11 7:13 AM
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Welcome to the home of BOSS

<BOSS>  was founded by Domo and is one of the newest and most active guilds on SWGEmu with only being made in 2011 we are steadly increasing in numbers every day. We are an open faction guild who accepts any fun and sociable players from all around the world.

We also have a team of dedicated pilots and shipwrights wanting to venture out into the depths of space as soon as it is available the leaders of this project are Ussur and Jinsu..

Our goals are to form a guild together on the Liberator server and have fun with what we have on there if it is in combat or crafting we can provide! Eventualy we will then have a solid guild to re-group when 1.0 comes around and will be playing on SunCrusher.


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Merry Christmas!

Domo321, Dec 16, 11 7:03 AM.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from <BOSS>

Jonah's Fresh Signature Images

JonahNewborg, Oct 24, 11 10:19 PM.
Anyone looking for a signature image feel free to post here!
The Signature Request Thread


BOSS Star Fleet Recruiting!

Jinsu1, Oct 23, 11 5:28 PM.
<Transmitting Voice to all Pilots in Sector>

We are issuing a recruitment for all youth males and females to be drafted into the B.S.F. Regiment of the Imperial Navy.

Haha you are not forced to join the B.S.F. nor do you have to be a human male or female! Just be in our guild(BOSS) and ask to be in this Squad from either me(Jinsu) or ask Ussur (AKA Guy with lots of Alts). You dont even have to be imperial to join us! We will help all BOSS Guild affiliated players! Rebel, Imperial , and neutral are all welcome! Any questions ask me or Ussur. This will officially go up into the Stars on the day Live is made!
Thank you for listening to this transmission!
   How to qualify for B.S.F.
  • Be in BOSS
  • Must be Pilot(any kind) or Shipwright

<Transmission ended>


Domo321, Oct 18, 11 7:16 AM.
Well done to BOSS! We are offically in the top 25!

Remind people in game to join the site

Domo321, Oct 18, 11 7:13 AM.
Please can you help out if your not already doing so by reminding new members to join our website, Thanks.
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